Denti's Intensive Glow Serum

After completing your treatment with our Denti's Teeth Whitening Kit, and achieving your desired teeth whiteness, we recommend ongoing maintenance. Refill your kit and get even whiter teeth than ever before with our new and improved formula.

Intensive Glow Serum provides the users with the maximum strength whitening result. The Intensive Glow serum can be used interchangeably with the On-the-Glow Essential Serum upon the occasion where you need a quick result.

  • Clinically proven up to 7 shades whiter
  • Proven to kill virus and bacteria in seconds
  • Start transforming your smile after just 1 treatment
  • Help maintain your bright pearly white teeth
  • Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty Free/Not Tested on Animals

Our Denti's On-the-Glow Essential Serum Refills are the perfect combination for maintaining your amazing smile all year. The simple to follow instructions are the same for the Denti's On-the-Glow Essential Serum Refills, just apply and leave the serum on for the recommended time of 15 minutes to maintain your best smile.